African American History Month

Jim Crow & Voting Rights Resources

A Brief History of Jim Crow
This Constitutional Rights Foundation reading with insightful discussion questions helps students to understand the impact of Jim Crow rules and their limitations on freedoms. MS - HS

After Reconstruction
In this lesson, students use the collection's Timeline of African American History, 1852-1925 to identify problems and issues facing African Americans immediately after Reconstruction. MS – HS

150 Years and Counting
This website by the National African American History Museum explores Reconstruction in depth. As newly freed African-Americans claimed their full rights as citizens, including the vote, they defined and demanded a new vision of American democracy based on principles of racial equality. This website points out the limits society placed on racial equality as white southerners reasserted power.  MS - Adult

Black Citizenship in the Age of Jim Crow
This rich set of classroom materials from the New York Historical Society is broken into 3 units of study: Reconstruction, 1865-1877; Rise of Jim Crow, 1877-1900; and Challenging Jim Crow, 1900-1919.  For lessons, select "click here. (just above the photos of prominent African Americans)
HS – Adult

Jim Crow Laws
This site provides an in-depth look at the codes and laws of segregation. Supplemental articles on each of the nine topics addressed further help students understand the oppression and limits to living that African Americans faced during the era of "separate but equal."  High School – Adult

Jim Crow and Segregation  
This Library of Congress – Primary Source Teachers' Guide provides a rich set of images and documents along with suggested ways they could be used in the classroom.   HS – Adult

Rise and Fall of Jim Crow – Stories
This archived PBS site page links to stories and narratives by people who experienced Jim Crow practices.   MS – Adult

The Jim Crow Museum
Here is a rich selection of lesson plans on topics that are part of the H-SS curriculum and other course work. They have been drawn from reliable sources such as the National Archives, and the National Park Service.  HS - Adult

Race and Voting in the Segregated South
This Constitutional Rights Foundation lesson provides background information on the way literacy tests and ancestry were used to limit African American voting rights in various parts of the southern U.S.. MS - Adult


Source: Jim Crow Laws - - url below