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URLs for YouTube videos, titles, names.

IECSS holds online mostly one hour presentations on a variety of topics. Most are ‘By Teachers For Teachers’, done by master teachers sharing methods, content, and ways to engage students. The entire YouTube channel can be accessed at:

Or by searching once in YouTube for ‘InlandSoCalSocialStudies’ (all one word with no spaces) and then clicking on the IECSS logo which is in a circle. All the programs appear.

Individual programs are listed below, with URLs.

Overview of Ethnic Studies

Resources, materials, issues for teachers, schools, and districts as they create their curriculums to meet this upcoming high school graduation requirement in California.

By Lauryn Wild, HSS-ELA Coordinator, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools


Teaching About Religion in Public Schools: How and Why

Damon Huss, Director of Publications for the Constitutional Rights Foundation, and Dr. Margaret ‘Peg’ Hill, Co-director of the California 3 R’s Project, explain how religion is often a cultural part of various ethnic communities. They also share how to teach about, and not promote, religions, along with caveats for teachers and administrators.


Get Students Talking to Each Other Face to Face Now That They are in Class.

Shawna Dochnahl, a high school History Dept Chair and veteran presenter at California Council for the Social Studies state conventions, shares numerous ways to get kids talking to each other again in class…a skill many forgot.


Practical Magic: Add Drama to Your Lessons

Middle and High School master teacher Kevin Roughton who presents regularly at California Council for the Social Studies state conventions, shows how he stimulates interest in lesson activities by organizing using themes, music, and clips especially from Disney media and parks.


Civic Education Engagement Activities: A Panel of Experience

Three very experienced teachers (Jalyn Barnard, Angelica Reyes, Lorraine Richards) show in detail, with PowerPoints and film clips, specific activities they have created that engage students all sorts of activities, from political action to local community action.


Use Local Events to Engage Students in History

Long time social studies presenter and award winning master teacher Jeni Boulanger shows how she connects local history to current events and issues. The Westminister, California, school segregation case is a typical example of connecting past to present.


Creating An (Elementary) Classroom of Discovery

BTSA teacher and instructional coach Kirsten Hill shows ways to engage younger children with primary sources that supports interest and learning. Younger students can use primary source materials.


Engage Students Using Historical Journalism While Also teaching Media Literacy

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Ramos, a teaching consultant at the Reagan Library and an adjunct for teacher education at Claremont Graduate University, has students grapple with ‘essential questions’  as they explore historical journalism source material. A public swimming pool segregation case reached the US Supreme Court in 1943…and other cases followed.


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