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Teacher Support

Teacher Support
from Multiple Sources

Bridging the Divide: California History-Social Science Lessons 

Optimized for Distance Learning and there is a "How To" webinar for each grade level at this site.


Read, Inquire, Write

This University of Michigan website has useful resources for US and world history teachers to guide students to investigate geography, interpret sources, and write critiques.


Resources for teachers to get the most from content

Civic Online Reasoning (COR)

This resource developed by Stanford History Education Group Sheg
Who’s Behind the Information? Intro to What’s the Evidence?

Intro to What do Other Sources Say?

Remote Learning Toolkit for Educators


Foundation for Teaching Economics - Online fee-based classes

Distance Learning Considerations: California Department of Education

Lessons from the Field: Remote Learning Guidance
CA Dept. of Ed provides a very rich site.

Dealing with Controversy, How to Build Common Ground in the Classroom with Civil Conversation

Tech Tools for Interactive Remote Teaching

Using Google Jamboard for Remote Teaching

Active Learning in the Virtual Classroom – In the Chips

10 Best Practices for Live Virtual Teaching
(upper elementary through HS)

Resources for Remote Learning & Instruction - UCI Teacher Academy

Quizzizz, Edpuzzle, Socrative & Formative Assessment Tools

Organizing Your Virtual Classroom - Primary

Organizing Your Virtual Classroom - Secondary

Preparing a Source for Student Inquiry in History Social Science (Developed by Content Literacy, Inquiry and Civics [CLIC]

Inquiry Stations: Marrying Social Studies and ELA
The Inquiry Method (3 short videos of students doing the Inquiry-based learning activities)

STUDENTS AT THE CENTER: Inquiry-Based Learning at Pittsfield Middle High School





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