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What is Social Studies?

Social studies is the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote informed decision-making and civic participation. The primary purpose of social studies is to help students develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for themselves and as citizens in a culturally diverse, democratic society in an
interdependent world.

Mission of the IECSS Organization

The mission of the Inland Empire Council for Social Studies is to advocate and build capacity for high-quality social studies by nurturing teacher leaders and providing services, resources, and support to educators.

IECSS Builds Regional Teacher Leaders


The Inland Empire Council for Social Studies (IECSS)
is a regional affiliate of the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) and California Council for Social Studies (CCSS). IECSS benefits History-Social Studies educators  through collegial professional learning and problem solving support, providing instructional resources, offering opportunities for networking and collaboration, and celebrating the contributions of outstanding social studies educators through an annual awards event.

What Does IECSS Do?


Teacher Learning

Inland Empire Council for Social Studies is an organization and educational community by teachers and for teachers. The Council is made up of teachers from the social sciences and humanities K-16. All of us are committed to helping students understand their world and become effective citizens. Many of our teacher leaders are also active in academic institutes and leadership programs.


The Council provides a professional venue for teachers to gain new ideas and skills. We also provide teacher leaders a venue and opportunity to share content and strategies that build better student learning and educator success. We keep the costs low or free so that as many of you as possible can participate.

 Statewide Resource
California Council for Social Studies Spotlight
August 2021 Issue
An Essential Questions for Grades K-12

 Events for Teachers

California Council for the Social Studies
supports H-SS teachers with
a monthly H-SS Spotlight

Find instructional resources on a specific H-SS theme


California Council for the Social Studies AND BECOME
an Inland Empire Council for the Social Studies member at the same time

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To view archived HSS newsletters, visit the CDE’s History-Social Science Newsletters collection on California Educators Together.  Summer 2021 Newsletter


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 Social Studies Teaching Resources

As teachers know, our students vary greatly in the types of lessons that help them learn. Teachers must make connections to what students already know so they adapt the new content to this prior understanding.

Because they have been teachers themselves, Council leaders know there never seems to be enough planning time. We make an effort to share shortcuts and easy ways to plan lessons rich in the human side of history. The Council decided it would be of great value to have convenient access to the content resources and lessons that have been reviewed and categorized according to the major topics in the curriculum. They are available on this website and suggestions for new links are always appreciated.

Honor Educators of Excellence

Many of the best social studies educators are found in the schools of Inland Southern California. Except for this COVID year, the Council holds an annual celebration to honor outstanding social studies educators in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Every-one feels a sense of pride in the accomplish-ments of such dedicated and talented colleagues. It reminds us of the value of creating a knowledgeable, effective citizenry.

Characteristics of a History Social Science Educator of Excellence

Someone who . . .

  • Inspires students to perform at high levels and show good citizenship,

  • Uses creative strategies to fully engage students,

  • Demonstrates broad content knowledge,

  • Promotes advanced social-science thinking,

  • Shows leadership beyond school, helping students participate in opportunities such as History Day, living history, service learning, or Mock Trials, and

  • Is a recognized team player.




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